The kindest blue

How do you review an album like ‘Kind of Blue’ to make it fresh, to make it sound as if you’ve just sat down to listen to it for the first time?   You simply sit down and play it again.  You let your scalp tingle with awe as Cobb makes the first open-tap of the cymbal just seconds into the opening number, ‘So What’.  Then, as you let your self go, you close your eyes and again feel surprise when Miles takes centre stage in your room, then you begin to wonder at the magic of Chambers and Evans (bass and piano) locked together as one and marvel at the compliments that Adderley and Coltrane pay to each other.

People will argue about what is the best jazz album ever; forget argument and just listen to what is good in this beautifully produced record.

3 thoughts on “The kindest blue”

  1. I made a practice of listening to that album every Monday for years: my “it’s Monday album” driving in to work or decompressing from work, after. I turned to In A Silent Way for a time too. Yes, to scalp-tingling. Always sounds fresh to me.

      1. Yes, had a good “relationship” with that one also but more so for summer scenes. Some of the horns on that were sometimes bracing in a way I can’t really describe. I don’t have the vocabulary for it but had to be in the mood. I think album was the first of his I heard though and for that it will always have sentimental value.

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