Journey to Dja Dja Wurrung

step into my heart
chilled by Europe’s beauties
yearning yet for gums

Daylesford Lake Vic.

Dja Dja Wurrung is the indigenous name for Daylesford and surrounds. The area was radically transformed by the 1850s gold rush and ongoing annexation of indigenous land for agriculture, the settlement of European migrants and the development of industries. The scale of destruction of native bush and people was vast and brutal.

Bring me the scrubbing brush

Scrubbing by PR

a liberal dream
pealed potato in power
Vale Liberals?

‘Hardman’ Peter Dutton was today (30/5/22) elected unopposed as leader of the Australian Liberal Party – the Opposition leader.  He brings with him a Deputy who was Minister of Environment after a thumping defeat of the Liberals due mainly to widespread concerns about the country’s response to Climate Change, Integrity and what I’ll call Macho-politics.  People in Australia’s wealthiest, best educated and most professional electorates deserted the party for largely independent liberals, causing the Liberals to loose office. Their response looks like a step to the right.

The Liberal party: a once great Australian political party that is at risk of squeezing out all liberals as it is pulled right by proselytising poltergeists
Peal, like in the ‘beating of the drums of war’, a phrase used by ex Defence Minister Peter Dutton (an ex policeman/ Peeler) when talking about China. He is often lampooned as Mr Potatohead.