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Hey, where’d that d go?

after the eulogies
a parade of lamentable puns
please say I'm not bad
Culture-cliff note: references the Australian satirical TV show 'Mad as Hell' and its 'Lamentable Puns' segment, which punishes News Editors' for their dreadful headline puns.

I’ll leave you here

those two golden coins
lent on our stroll to the styx
no need to return

This is the last of six senryu written to honour my clients. They are abstract, in part, because they represent several people and/ or situations. Thank you.

The Glenelg River
‘in the sticks’ of the extreme south west corner of Victoria Australia

You are there yet

I will seek you out
under the rubble of life’s demise
find you while you’re there

No. 5 of 6 tributes
Cliff note under pic

My secular interpretation of this image: a client reclaiming their dissolving self from the swirling confusion of physical and cognitive decline, even if it is faintly and momentarily.
If I can facilitate that by the way I do personal care,
I will.

Vale Eric D: kind hearted boxer, singer, joker, family man; decent man.

William and a ginger

Cliff note:
DD is a ginger, and so is ex-prince Harry. Ginger is also the name of William's friend in the anarchic joyous 'Just William' stories.
autistic my arse
don't chuck your bike in the lake!
just missing william

Tribute No. 3 of 6

DD pulled William’s bike out of this lake, more than once

En garde!

you talk of life’s loves
of great loss and you sigh
you name me your friend

Rules of engagement for carer of <insert name>, aged 89, mobility issues, memory loss, urinary incontinence
section 3, para 9: the maintenance of a professional boundary

En garde be buggered!

No. 1 of 6 tributes