6 thoughts on “TV For Dummies”

      1. SoundEagle, you’ve drawn me out; I wasn’t going to do an analysis after the heaviness of ‘The crux of a nation’ explanatory post. I just wanted to post something light-hearted. But nevermind that now.
        The word ‘Dummies’ has several connotations, one of which is that of muteness. The title of the piece also suggests several other possible sub-textual messages, one of which is that the advertisers are dumb to be turning people off (as you hint at). The Dummies book titles are generally about getting the best out of something; so maybe thinking time. The connotation of the word ‘remote’ in the second line – to remove to a distance, perhaps even inside one’s self – also hints at a search for a more peaceful, contemplative place. As you note, we get that via the mute button. Now, enough decomposition!
        Thanks for reading and commenting and dialoguing…and for your thoughtful and thought provoking blogs.
        PS I use time-shift a lot.

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      2. Dear David,

        It is my pleasure and honour to have drawn you out of your shell through my interacting with you intelligently. After all, I am not just a frequent reader but also an avid commenter on your blog.

        I found your poem named “TV For Dummies” quite witty and pithy. Usually, poets do not bother to explain how they have composed their poems. I am delighted that you have defied the trend and bear your poetic soul with me. Like you, I occasionally make a very good effort at explaining the inner workings of my poems, especially in the following post. I welcome your feedback there.


        Yours sincerely,SoundEagle

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