You are there yet

I still see you there
under the rubble of life’s demise
I will still find you

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My secular interpretation of this image: a client reclaiming their dissolving self from the swirling confusion of physical and cognitive decline, even if it is faintly and momentarily.
When I can facilitate that by the way I do personal care,
I do so.

4 thoughts on “You are there yet”

    1. Bill, the following gives a feel for how things might go when doing personal care. It’s the story behind this Senryū. The wife’s quip at the end is absolutely beautiful.

      Eric (91) is very weak and needs assistance to get out of bed and a Wheelie-walker to walk.  We just made it to the dining table for him to have a cuppa to help him wake up but he still lacked the energy and motivation to get up to shower.  So, I sang him a song based on ‘Rawhide’ (channeling the Blues Brothers version) changing the words to include ‘rolling, rolling, rolling, get those wheels a rolling, get those wheels a rolling, Eric…’ with my toe tapping the wheels on Eric’s Wheelie-walker on cue.

      (Why sing? Eric had sung to me from his bed the very first day that we met).

      The wife (name withheld) quipped ‘If the floorshow has finished, you two boys had better go do that shower’. And we did.

      Thank you Bill.
      Kind regards

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