Winter in Melbourne, Australia

A reissue with
winter wording and pic
plus bonus haiku

with unseasonal sun
lawn mowers cough into life
boisterous symphony

from lawn mower’s perspective

A trite haiku:
Melbourne’s winter climate

climatic melbourne
days wet wild and woeful
one day wonderful

5 thoughts on “Winter in Melbourne, Australia”

    1. I’m prone to exaggerate the downside of the weather (esp if compared to a PNW Winter) but the good days when they come to Melbourne are wonderful. How’s Colorado?

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      1. I bet those good days in the winter there are wonderful as you day, same for us in our winters (but ours are quite mild and not so bad at all; it can just be dismal and redundant with the constant rain and gloom). Colorado on the other hand is quite nice, thanks for asking! Yesterday I bought a sun hat from Australia! We’re in what they call the high desert here. There may even be some similarities to your conditions there. It’s quite hot but there’s a nice cooling off at night, and the smell of sage and pines is quite lovely. This is what they call the monsoon season here, so there’s a chance of thundershowers every afternoon. Dramatic clouds forming above the mountains, that kind of thing. Today we venture to the base camp where Lily has been living for 3 months now, and tomorrow she graduates so we all leave together. From there we will do a road trip over to Utah and a couple of our National parks here; more desert between Moab and Bryce Canyon. Exquisite and odd natural beauty. Hoodoos too!

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      2. Sage and pine – they suggest spiritual cleansing, intellectual clarification and, mundanely, cooking to me. The territory and trip sound just the thing for a reunion with Lily. Hoping you all enjoy it. DD

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      3. Too true! Spiritual cleansing and cooking. I love that! Thanks kindly my dear friend! I found a cafe that opens at 6 am here in town and they just poured me a cold nitro coffee in a pint glass. And they’re playing Hendrix’s Like a Rolling Stone cover. Couldn’t be better. Happy to hear from you!

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