My Avatar, with explanatory Senryū

look in the branches
a laughing kookaburra sits
not a lonesome pine

Culture note (for non-aussies)

The kookaburra symbolises joy, humour, optimism, family and community spirit, whilst the lone pine (not the species depicted) signifies hope, pride, endurance and strength, especially from sticking together. It is a secular yet, some would argue, holy reminder of the WWI battles at Gallipoli and the subsequent importance of the ANZAC spirit and ‘mateship’ in particular to national identity.

4 thoughts on “My Avatar, with explanatory Senryū”

  1. I’m too deep in nature to open your link so I couldn’t read the story. Due to a different blog, the song “ and the band played waltzing Matilda “ has been in my head all week. Being an Aussie I presume you know that one.

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    1. Oh Jeff, there are tears now in my eyes because I listened, once again, to ‘And the band played Waltzing Matilda’.
      That is something I tend to do just once a year, on ANZAC day.
      Ironically it cheers me to know that you know that song. But that cheer is also related to knowing you are up and out in nature and clear of Covid.
      I’m assuming you listened to Eric Bogle doing this song. I was privileged to see him perform a few years back. I managed to hold back tears in a public forum – just!
      Thanks very much for this comment Jeff.
      Kind regards,

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      1. I’ve always know it by the Pogues (Irish punk band but they play it very slow and soulfully), but I recently learned that everyone under the sun has recorded it. Eric Bogle’s version is much more beautiful.

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