Semi Freudian Series

magic is hard work
so we leave lidl id to do it
id makes it work
The sleepy worker
superego asleep
id happily sighs job done
ego stretches out
A kind of reconciliation
who's best at mocking
says id to superego
let's all have a laugh
Id thinks it's funny
id says now that's humour
superego blurts out you're a dill
ego laughs alone
It's not funny
congrats on your jokes
superego yells 'rubbish!'
grabs whip but shouts 'more!'

~ well, sigmund, I like them ~

Calendar Spring

spring breaks cover
surprising a crescent moon
catching out the tide

’round midnight, Melbourne Au. Note use of a stock photo as it was overcast and raining.

Culture cliff note: This little haiku takes a subtle swipe at the arbitrariness of a calendar date for Spring, which often catches nature unprepared. The indigenous culture talks about six seasons and defines them by the appearance of natural signs, say like the reappearance of kingfishers to hunt around what is now Melbourne.