Alpha v’s theta snail

hypnosis by snail
not the most common technique
enchantingly slow


Brain Oscillations, Hypnosis, and Hypnotizability
Mark P. Jensen, Tomonori Adachi, and Shahin Hakimian

A longish post that explores the confluence of theta and gamma brainwaves under hypnosis and a possible link between suggestibility and an ability to harness declarative memory sites in the brain. (My, interpretation, not their words).,memory%20and%20emotional%20limbic%20circuits.

I’m the boss of ‘Dandy’

donald's in charge here
anti-sheriff of dandy
clear off do-gooder
I don’t care if you are from Community Care. Get outta here. Now, buster!

A very stroppy white duck came rushing down the street when I exited a client’s house. Its rapid, aggressive quacking told me that I wasn’t wanted in this part of Dandenong. I’m sure it would have bitten me if I had not gotten in my car.

Spring water

iced wind anarchy
hard rain wallows in excess
sunshine in rehab
Climate change of some kind seems to be affecting us all over the world
Culture cliff note:
Sunshine is an improving suburb of Melbourne. Whilst it's got a lot going for it, the Goodmigrations web site says it 'has a high violent crime rate and a high property crime rate for Melbourne'. At a guess, drug related.

‘Lest we forget’ reflection

let’s not forget
the horror, the nightmare post trauma
abiding sacrifice

Culture note:
‘Lest we forget’ is the response to a reading on Remembrance Day and ANZAC day ceremonies in Australia, and elsewhere. It deeply troubled me as a teen that these sombre memorial services might be perceived as glorifying war rather than honouring veterans. In 2022, the world itself worries me far more.

Published 11am Std Eastern Time, Melbourne, Australia