Hey Lu, what’s out the window?
pudsa and lulu
invited to chat on Teams
avoid eye contact

Yes, the kids booked face-time with their cats. But Puddington and Sugar Lulu were more interested in what’s going on outside the window than gazing at their human counterparts on the screen.

Fall for A I

I started a dialogue with ChatGPT about a haiku for a picture with the morning sun streaming through a stand of gumtrees. But a system error occurred, and when we re-engaged, the following unfamiliar verse was offered instead of what we had been working on.
I’ve changed the first line (which was a bland ‘The autumn leaves fall’) to link the rustle of leaves to ‘whispering’, which opens line two. I added a title, removed unnecessary punctuation and changed any Caps to lower case. It’s quite a pleasing haiku. I don’t know who ChatGPT was doing it for, but here it is

autumn leaves rustle
whispering secrets of change
nature’s artistry

This unrelated photo of gumtrees is included for fun.

Perennial gum trees

Forward ho!

gumtrees stand in line
with clear light blue sky above
the perfect frontier

Charles Harpur, Australian author of ‘Forward ho!’, may have inadvertently encouraged the gung ho destruction of indigenous land and culture with his c1865 poem, despite its theme of fighting for liberty and fraternity. When prompted, ChatGPT3 suggested that its message of persistence might be relevant to those seeking to redress remaining inequities and injustices today.

I’m Charles Harpur and I’m voting for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament in the forthcoming referendum.