Puns: on the road

arterial road
a plaque of caravans forms
blocking all traffic


4 thoughts on “Puns: on the road”

  1. One of my mountain bike team’s practice venues is at a campground. Part of our course goes through an area where several (10 – 15) derelict RVs are rusting out. We call it the RV graveyard. When I saw your photo, my immediate thought was “Hey, how did he get a picture of the RV graveyard?”

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    1. That amusing.
      There could of course be a photo of the Gettysburg RV graveyard on the ‘net I was on the way to Adelaide when the minor incident that led me to think about using plaque as a collective noun for caravans occurred.

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      1. Adelaide is not the favourite vacation destination for most Melbourne residents,who tend to head north. Yet it has beautiful hills with lots of trees and many pretty villages surrounding the city itself. There are really good cafes and restaurants and lovely beaches. Overall it has a gentler pace of life than the other Capital cities.
        I will take some photos today and do a Haiku. I forgot to take a shot yesterday when we walked along the beach front, which presented a wide, open, flat sea that looked absolutely endless.


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