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Japanese style poem comprising three lines with a more or less 5/7/5 syllable pattern.

Topknots out on the tiles

colourful flappers  
clear whistling sound from feathers
whenever startled
The crested pigeon (often called a Topknot in Victoria) makes a distinctive whistling sound when it takes off (esp. if startled). The sound is produced by air passing over uniquely shaped feathers on the wings.,absent%20from%20the%20denser%20forests.

Anni verse ry

Tea and forgiveness

burnt rice in the tea
justified to energise
sadly tastes that way

Today is the anniversary of posting my first verse on this site.
My very first senryu, ‘Tea and forgiveness’ was inspired by reading more traditional Haiku by Carl Setzer and originally posted on his site. Thanks Carl. You are in no way responsible for my errant ways.

Sturt gorge local

sleepy koala
high but secure in a tree
ignores keen tourists

I discovered this sleepy fellow just off the Sturt gorge river trail. Having zoom at max due to the height of the tree doesn’t help pic_clarity, but nevermind. By the time I took this shot, the Rosella’s that had led me up a hill by their flight to this tree had gone. I don’t mind.

Culture cliff note:
koalas are thought to be in a stupified ‘high’ most of the time due to their intoxicating diet of eucalyptus leaves.