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My Avatar, with explanatory Senryū

look in the branches
a laughing kookaburra sits
not a lonesome pine

Culture note (for non-aussies)

The kookaburra symbolises joy, humour, optimism, family and community spirit, whilst the lone pine (not the species depicted) signifies hope, pride, endurance and strength, especially from sticking together. It is a secular yet, some would argue, holy reminder of the WWI battles at Gallipoli and the subsequent importance of the ANZAC spirit and ‘mateship’ in particular to national identity.

The future for Luddites

I decided to continue the pun theme with a light reworking of ‘The future for Luddites’ senryu, originally published on the minimistalism site.

The future for Aussie Luddites *
the modern luddite
writing with calloused fingers
breaks phone with one tap

* In the late seventeen-hundreds, many English artisans resisted the introduction of weaving and knitting machinery. Attempts to restrict use or win fair pay and conditions failed and the so-called Luddites started to smash machinery. Violence escalated on both sides and eventually the protracted rebellion was brutally crushed. Many were hanged. Some were transported to Australia for punishment.

Celebrating fifty senryu

fifty-one extant
pen falls silent if not mind
dee contemplates rest

Editor’s choice
Over the next two weeks I will release several of my favourite senryū, not previously published on this site.
I might also give a light polish to some pieces previously published here and re-release them too.

How green were my glasses

all those flagrant weeds
if oxalis tasted good
I'd be in clover

Now imagine that DD had had the skill to strike through the ‘l’ in glasses and print an ‘r’ above it to write:
How green were my grasses?
Answer: ‘Valley green.’
‘Take him away officer!’
‘The charge?’
‘Throw the book at him.’