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Free transport to another state

bush is flung my way
a bit of Queensland in Vic
obverse odyssey

The Roth Hetherington Botanical Native Garden in Keysborough Victoria curates native bushland from each state in Australia, plus the Northern Territory.
Thank you City of Greater Dandenong

Culture cliff notes:
The word ‘transport’ is an historical reference to the transportation of criminals to Australia that laid a foundation for colonising the country. For me, that places a question mark over how we impose our will on the natural world.
The words ‘another state’ are used to imply the physical and metaphysical, and these remnant bushlands move me, speak to my spirit. A conflict? Nevermind.
Vic is short for Victoria, which is in the South and is temperate; Queensland is in the North and tropical/ sub-tropical.

Sing ta na na na

poverty bay first
next tramp around mission bay
shiny soles singing

Culture cliff note: Poverty Bay apparently got its European name after Captain James Cook failed to obtain provisions for his voyage of discovery after violent conflict with the local people in 1769. Mission Bay is named after a school established in the late 1840s to give ‘Melanesian boys’ a Christian education.

According to genius.com, ‘Diamonds on the soles of her shoes’ (Sing ta na na … ) is an allegory of when two extremes start to blend together.

Poverty Bay is in fact hundreds of kilometres south – the location of ‘the’ wedding in Gisborne last weekend.
Mission Bay (above) is in Auckland NZ.