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Anzac mourning

Culture cliff note:-
Anzac: name given to soldiers of Australian & New Zealand Army Corps.
Anzac Day 25 April 2023.

naive anzacs attack
murderous fetid scarred place
eight months on defeat

On the morning of 25 April 1915, Anzacs set out to capture the Gallipoli peninsula, in support of the Allied forces’ goal of defeating Turkey. After a courageous but ultimately disastrous campaign, Allied troops were withdrawn from Anzac Cove and Suvla Bay between 15 and 20 December 1915.

Fall for A I

I started a dialogue with ChatGPT about a haiku for a picture with the morning sun streaming through a stand of gumtrees. But a system error occurred, and when we re-engaged, the following unfamiliar verse was offered instead of what we had been working on.
I’ve changed the first line (which was a bland ‘The autumn leaves fall’) to link the rustle of leaves to ‘whispering’, which opens line two. I added a title, removed unnecessary punctuation and changed any Caps to lower case. It’s quite a pleasing haiku. I don’t know who ChatGPT was doing it for, but here it is

autumn leaves rustle
whispering secrets of change
nature’s artistry

This unrelated photo of gumtrees is included for fun.

Perennial gum trees

Free transport to another state

bush is flung my way
a bit of Queensland in Vic
obverse odyssey

The Roth Hetherington Botanical Native Garden in Keysborough Victoria curates native bushland from each state in Australia, plus the Northern Territory.
Thank you City of Greater Dandenong

Culture cliff notes:
The word ‘transport’ is an historical reference to the transportation of criminals to Australia that laid a foundation for colonising the country. For me, that places a question mark over how we impose our will on the natural world.
The words ‘another state’ are used to imply the physical and metaphysical, and these remnant bushlands move me, speak to my spirit. A conflict? Nevermind.
Vic is short for Victoria, which is in the South and is temperate; Queensland is in the North and tropical/ sub-tropical.


this once naked tract
stripped to feed growth of our town
restored to heaven

Painting by Fred Williams

Fires ravaged the Dandenong ranges in 1967, including One Tree Hill.
One Tree Hill had been stripped of all but one tree in the nineteenth century to fuel European settlement.
(That single tree was used as a survey marker).
Fortunately the area was restored to native forest and has recovered from periodic bushfires.

Photo by DD today.

Melbourne’s fickle weather

Melbourne Au is often mocked for having ‘four seasons in a day’.

russet coloured leaves
protest melbourne's summer
confusing seasons

Summer officially starts today.

Even trees mock this city.

Inspired by ‘Bronzer mate’, which mocked people snorting an artificial skin tanning drug (illegally imported to Australia) to become ersatz Bronzed Aussies.

We built this city on mockery!