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Tastes like a dry sense of humour

Asahi (dry) beer is marketed in Australia as possessing karakuchi flavours, etc.  Presumably this is done with the intention of implying a taste too complex and/ or mysterious to describe in English.  

karakuchi! san
slick marketing speak for beer
a droll argument

I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the translation, but check out the other suggested meanings for karakuchi at wordhippo.

Melbourne’s fickle weather

Melbourne Au is often mocked for having ‘four seasons in a day’.

russet coloured leaves
protest melbourne's summer
confusing seasons

Summer officially starts today.

Even trees mock this city.

Inspired by ‘Bronzer mate’, which mocked people snorting an artificial skin tanning drug (illegally imported to Australia) to become ersatz Bronzed Aussies.

We built this city on mockery!