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Anni verse ry

Tea and forgiveness

burnt rice in the tea
justified to energise
sadly tastes that way

Today is the anniversary of posting my first verse on this site.
My very first senryu, ‘Tea and forgiveness’ was inspired by reading more traditional Haiku by Carl Setzer and originally posted on his site. Thanks Carl. You are in no way responsible for my errant ways. https://carlsetzer.net/author/questionsall/

Alpha v’s theta snail

hypnosis by snail
not the most common technique
enchantingly slow


Brain Oscillations, Hypnosis, and Hypnotizability
Mark P. Jensen, Tomonori Adachi, and Shahin Hakimian

A longish post that explores the confluence of theta and gamma brainwaves under hypnosis and a possible link between suggestibility and an ability to harness declarative memory sites in the brain. (My, interpretation, not their words).