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Forward ho!

gumtrees stand in line
with clear light blue sky above
the perfect frontier

Charles Harpur, Australian author of ‘Forward ho!’, may have inadvertently encouraged the gung ho destruction of indigenous land and culture with his c1865 poem, despite its theme of fighting for liberty and fraternity. When prompted, ChatGPT3 suggested that its message of persistence might be relevant to those seeking to redress remaining inequities and injustices today.

I’m Charles Harpur and I’m voting for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament in the forthcoming referendum.


Tastes like a dry sense of humour

Asahi (dry) beer is marketed in Australia as possessing karakuchi flavours, etc.  Presumably this is done with the intention of implying a taste too complex and/ or mysterious to describe in English.  

karakuchi! san
slick marketing speak for beer
a droll argument

I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the translation, but check out the other suggested meanings for karakuchi at wordhippo.

Alpha v’s theta snail

hypnosis by snail
not the most common technique
enchantingly slow


Brain Oscillations, Hypnosis, and Hypnotizability
Mark P. Jensen, Tomonori Adachi, and Shahin Hakimian

A longish post that explores the confluence of theta and gamma brainwaves under hypnosis and a possible link between suggestibility and an ability to harness declarative memory sites in the brain. (My, interpretation, not their words).


I’m the boss of ‘Dandy’

donald's in charge here
anti-sheriff of dandy
clear off do-gooder
I don’t care if you are from Community Care. Get outta here. Now, buster!

A very stroppy white duck came rushing down the street when I exited a client’s house. Its rapid, aggressive quacking told me that I wasn’t wanted in this part of Dandenong. I’m sure it would have bitten me if I had not gotten in my car.

Patent application #21,392

Public dunnies that are shared by everyone are often left in a disgraceful state. This patent offers a unique form of public health protection.

‘lectric dunny seat
shocks many upstanding gents
turns the sprinkler off

This week an older client showed me a humorous Aussie book from the sixties. It clearly affected my judgement.

Pre-tested at minimistalism.