14 thoughts on “THE MOTH TRILOGY”

      1. The standard of the said post will be at least comparable to or even better than the post entitled “Do Plants and Insects Coevolve?”, which you can easily locate from the Home page of my blog, and which deals with some moths (and butterflies), including a really unusual one that made Charles Darwin famous!

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      2. I read the Coevolve article. And it is impressive. Absence of a ‘like’ from me on that page may be due to ludditism of the thumb.

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      3. You are welcome to leave a comment there, whether or not you have been suffering from luddism of the brain.

        It is luddism, not ludditism. For someone who claims to be a Luddite, you have ironically inserted “it” (informnation technology) into “luddism” to turn it into “ludditism”. Perhaps you are a fake Luddite.

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